Comprehensive Clinical Training Package

In order to enroll in the Clinical Herbal Practitioner course, students must complete the Clinical Family Herbalist and Clinical Community Herbalist programs. To receive certification as a Clinical Herbal Practitioner, students must complete the 14 online modules, attend four live clinic weekend intensives and a physical assessment intensive (priced separately), submit 20 case histories, and pass a final exam (taken in-person at our school in Lowgap, North Carolina).

Clinical Herbal Practitioner Certification is priced at $2,650. The bundle does not include the price of the Clinical Family Herbalist and Clinical Community Herbalist certifications.

If you are ready for the serious commitment involved in taking all three of our online certifications, you can purchase all of the online classes in our Clinical Family Herbalist, Clinical Community Herbalist and Clinical Herbal Practitioner certification pathways, as a bundled package with a 10% discount.

This is our complete online program, start to finish, including our Clinical Family, Clinical Community and Clinical Herbal Practitioner Certifications!

The three tiers are priced at $5575.00, by buying in a bundle you receive a 10% discount off this price.

Weekend intensives and clinic are not included.

You can start classes anytime. All classes are recorded and posted to our online classroom.

Please email us at [email protected] if you plan on enrolling.