Community Herbalist

Students must complete the Clinical Family Herbalist certification in order to take the Clinical Community Herbalist course. The in-person modern physical assessment intensive and our live clinic weekends are optional, but for those who intend to continue on to the Clinical Herbal Practitioner Certification, it will be required. These in-person classes are not included in the cost of the Clinical Community Herbalist bundle.

You must complete all the modules listed below, and the corresponding exams to gain certification through this pathway.

Clinical Community Certification is priced at $1475.00. This does not include the Clinical Family Herbalist Certification.

Students who choose to enroll in our Comprehensive Clinical Training Program will get a discount on all three clinical programs.

Required Classes for Clinical Community Herbalist Certification

You can click the links above to read class descriptions and register for individual classes.

Optional Live Weekends

  • Clinical Training Weekends
  • Advanced Medicine Making
  • Modern Physical Assessment

Please email [email protected] for current live weekend dates and registration information.