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Our programs are are crafted for all skill levels, from beginner to practitioner.


Programs with a Clinical Focus


Our entire curriculum is founded on the principles of clinical herbalism, because we believe that herbal medicine can be a powerful and effective form of healthcare, with clinical herbalists serving as essential healthcare providers. We only teach the use of herbs for specific health challenges when we have hands-on experience working with multiple clients facing those same issues.

By anchoring our curriculum in real-world clinical experience, we have created an unrivaled program designed to train individuals at any level to comprehend the underlying processes at play during health challenges and to effectively support the restoration of health from dysfunction and disease.

In order to make studying herbalism accessible to the most people, we have a number of ways to work through our programs. Call it a choose your own herbal adventure! While this makes cost and scheduling more accessible, it can be confusing to navigate.

Please read through each program/tier you are interested in and if you have any questions afterwards, email classes@eclecticschoolofherbalmedicine.com or book a short informational session.

Online Integrative Herbal Programs

Foundational Herbalism Certification Program

The Foundational Herbalism Certification Program presents educational material that will open up the world of herbalism to any beginner, but with a strong clinical focus. Through this pathway, you will explore our basic healing modalities, gain a solid foundation in medicine making and clinical nutrition, and learn how to address acute care situations. If you are interested in attaining the fundamental knowledge necessary to understand health (and in turn disease), then this is the course pathway for you.

When you complete the Foundational Herbalism Certificate Program, you will be able to support yourself, family and friends with nutritional and herbal interventions for common acute health issues, be able to make basic and advanced herbal preparations for sale or for family/friends/home use, and understand the basics of herbal energetics focused on the 6 tissue state model along with basic herbal actions. (This course will not prepare you for active clinical practice).

Community Herbalism Certification Program

The Community Herbalism Certification Program builds on the foundations of the Foundational Herbalism Program. In the Community Herbalism Certification Program, students are introduced to the two most vital body systems: the digestive system and the nervous system. Students will also learn about mental health, systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, public health, scope of practice, and the energetics of traditional Western herbalism and traditional assessment.

This course is perfect for those who plan on doing herbal work in their communities or working at an herb shop, or for people who want a deeper understanding of the body and herbalism. Students who intend to see clients professionally should plan on continuing on to the Clinical Herbal Practitioner program.

Clinical Herbal Practitioner Certification Coursework

The Clinical Herbal Practitioner Certification Coursework is required to join our clinical practicum and gain certification as a clinical herbal practitioner. This includes the Foundational program, Community program, as well as the body systems not covered in the first two tiers. This coursework also includes an introduction to blood work assessment and patterns, advanced herbal formulation, and phytochemistry.

This coursework is perfect for folks planning to be practicing clinical herbalists.

Note that in order to gain certification and be prepared to practice, you will also need to complete the Clinical Practitioner coursework and take our Clinical Practicum. We offer the coursework separately from the practicum to make the cost of payment plans more manageable.

Clinical Practicum

Herbalism is theoretical until we actively engage in practice and follow-up with our clients. Our Clinical Practicum is a hands-on program that provides all of the skills and experience you need to be a safe and effective clinical practitioner, complete with mentorship and support after graduation.

This program consists of a 10-week live online clinical skill development and relational health class series and a live, in-person clinic orientation weekend, which is followed by 1 year(ish) of active clinicals done through our free clinic. After rigorous preparation and practice, you will be mentored through working with 20 clients using a comprehensive care model, with weekly live case reviews, monthly skill-building classes, access to weekly instructor office hours, instructor case shadowing, and more!

After completing the Clinical Practicum, you will be prepared to see clients professionally. The Clinical Practicum is required to graduate from ESHM with a clinical practitioner certificate. Our Clinical Practitioner coursework is a prerequisite to joining the Practicum, and at this time we’re unable to accept coursework from other schools in lieu of our prerequisite programs.

Clinical Herbal Practitioner Comprehensive Training Package
Clinical Herbal Practitioner Comprehensive Training Package is our most advanced online certification pathway. It provides all the education and experience needed to be a competent and confident clinical practitioner, including all three tiers of course work, as well as our clinical practicum, at one easy price.

After completing this program, you will be prepared to work as a professional clinical herbal practitioner.