Mel Kasting, RH (AHG)

WHO is she?

Mel Kasting is a clinical herbalist, educator, and clinic director for the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine’s student-led free clinic.  She has been in practice for 5 years collaborating with free clinics and working with private clients all over the country.

Mel trained with Howie Brounstein and Steven Yeager for 4 years at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies, and most recently attended a 1-year clinical intensive with Thomas Easley and Matthew Wood.

WHAT does she do?

Mel is a Western clinical herbalist.  Not a doctor. Not a Naturopath. Not a Massage Therapist. She does not treat or diagnose illness. Rather, she works with diet, lifestyle, herbs, and supplements to strengthen your body to heal itself. She is also a health advocate who is comfortable communicating with doctors and other members of her client’s medical team to coordinate gentle and effective care.

Mel specializes in supporting folks with Histamine Intolerance, MCAS/MCAD, and autoimmunity, but also has experience working with:

High levels of stress


Digestive Issues

Female-bodied reproductive health/fertility

Metabolic dysregulation (diabetes, insulin resistance)

Anxiety and Depression

Chronic Fatigue


Teenage and adult acne

Nerve Damage

Seizure Disorders


WHEN/WHERE? Mel has flexible office hours, seeing clients in-person at the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine in Lowgap, NC.  She also offers phone and Skype consults.

Email her at: [email protected] to set an appointment. She offers free 15-minute phone consults to answer basic questions about her practice.

Price: $150 Initial Intake (this price includes):

  • Pre-assessment of 16-page intake packet
  • 1-3 hour initial appointment
  • A customized health plan complete with a resource list
  • Your first follow-up appointment
  • Unlimited email correspondence (within reason)

Mel believes healthcare is a human right. If you cannot afford the intake fees, she will set you up with a student team through our free clinic, or direct you to a free herbal clinic in your area. Some sliding scale appointments available.