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There are many effective systems of Herbal Medicine from all over the world. Functional Herbalism is a unique integrative approach to healthcare that emphasizes three primary areas of study; Clinical Nutrition, Traditional Western Herbalism, and Functional Medicine.  If those areas of focus resonate with you, a Functional Herbalist might be a good fit. All practitioners listed have over 1000 hours of clinical training and have passed a rigorous exam to confirm their competency.

This database contains practitioners from many different backgrounds and healthcare disciplines., and Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine does not advise on the scope of practice or expertise of any practitioner in this database.

Graduate Directory

Mel Kasting, RH

About Mel

Mel is the clinical director and free clinic manager at the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine. She is also in active clinical practice. These jobs allow her to combine passions for clinical work, mentorship and teaching student practitioners while helping to support clients who would otherwise not have access to herbal care through the student-led free clinic. Mel teaches clinical skills and relational health, along with a variety of other classes throughout the program.

She practices a mixed modality that blends traditional western herbalism with clinical nutrition and functional medicine. It is a systems-based model that honors traditional plant based care, while recognizing the importance of lifestyle modifications, herbs, and supplements, alongside functional laboratory testing, to address the whole person rather than an isolated set of symptoms or disease. Mel combines this modality with somatic herbal and resilience building practices because addressing stress and trauma are a major part of healing.


Sam Greene, RH

About Sam

Hello, I’m Sam and I have been in full time practice for 3 years. I see clients for a wide range of chronic and acute health concerns. My specialties are gut health and gut autoimmunity.

My approach combines traditional western herbalism with modern nutritional science, functional medicine and lab work to help clients deal with a wide range of issues and empower them to make informed, impactful decisions regarding their health and wellness.


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Reba Kruse

About Reba

Reba is the Founder and Nurse-Herbalist at Bridgewalker Wellness.

She is a Holistic Registered Nurse with clinical experience in Critical Care and School Nursing. She is also a Clinical Herbalist with training in traditional western herbalism and functional herbalism. She strives to bridge the centuries-old art of traditional western herbalism with the advanced knowledge of modern science and evidence-informed nursing practice. She welcomes collaboration with all members of the healthcare team.

Her basic philosophy neither rejects conventional healthcare nor accepts complementary and integrative health approaches uncritically. She recognizes optimal health is rooted in good science, inquiry driven, open to new paradigms, traditional knowledge, health promotion and illness prevention. Human dignity and cultural humility are permanent guideposts to her practice.


Desiree Sargent
About Desiree

Desiree is a western herbalist from California, offering clinical herbal consultations with an approach that incorporates a broad range of holistic interventions with the vitalist objective of removing obstacles to health, mobilizing self-repair functions, and emphasizing the role of the individual in their own healing process.

She strives to understand the cumulative effect of lifestyle factors that may be contributing to a person’s health concerns. She works together with clients to set achievable health goals, proposing appropriate, personalized herbal and nutritional protocols, along with diet and lifestyle modifications tailored to address each individual’s unique needs, with the goal of addressing the root cause of problems, and providing insight to help motivate change.


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Alyssa Dalos

About Alyssa

I specialize in what I like to call “sports herbalism,” removing barriers to athletic performance such as chronic pain, digestive issues, and reproductive health problems. I also find great satisfaction and success in working with autoimmune conditions like thyroid disease, psoriasis, IBD, and rheumatoid arthritis.

With each client, I lay a brick in the foundation of a compassionate, preventative model of care that addresses the root cause, provides customized solutions that fit your life and schedule, and asserts that it is our birthright to demand more from our health than simply the absence of disease.


Alabama Functional Herbalism

Move Nourished

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