On-site Integrative Intensive Program

Full-time Program

Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine’s upcoming full-time intensive program will begin on June of 2018. The intensive is an 11-month program directed by head instructor Thomas Easley. Our program is intensive, there is an average of 20 hours lecture a week, in addition to studying, homework and clinic. To be in this program you must be fully prepared to dedicate yourself to herbalism for the next 11 months.

Our herbal studies program is hosted at Wellspring Mountain, a 493.1 acre camp tucked away into a mountainside of the Blue Ridge in a small town called Lowgap, North Carolina. Over 90% of the land is set aside for plant preservation and land conservancy.

There are options for live-in, commuting and distance opportunities.

Our lodging options are shared dorms, private rooms or cabins. Although our accommodations contain modern amenities such as a bathhouse and laundry facilities, you’ll still feel like you’re living in the wilderness. There are a limited number of spots in this program and on campus. 

The intensive program will run from June, 2018 to April, 2019.Curriculum

The program is grounded in traditional Western herbalism, with a particular focus on the Eclectic tradition of using the best remedy, herbal or otherwise, for every situation. At our school we meld together modern clinical skills and the wisdom of folk medicine into a cohesive training platform.

The intensive program’s class hours will run four days a week Monday through Thursday (not including weekend intensives) and you will accumulate a total of over 1000 hours of classroom time.

Thomas’ lectures will go in-depth into the anatomy and physiology involved in the ten major body systems, and the associated pathology. Through Thomas you will be trained in clinical nutrition, which is at the focal point of program’s healing modalities. You will be taught how to conduct consultations and the art of physical assessment, as well as how to proficiently read blood work.

Please inquire further for a detailed curriculum outline.

Guest Instructors

Throughout the duration of the program, we will be bringing in guest instructors to teach. The educators we bring in will be some of the top herbalists and instructors in their field. They will be educating our students on a variety of topics.

Weekend Intensives

Wellspring Mountain will host weekend intensives on a variety of subjects. Each intensive is led by an experienced instructor and is open to the broader community. Student access to herbal intensives is an added bonus to the cost of tuition. These classes are taught by ESHM staff and by nationally-acclaimed herbalists.


The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine is host to a free-clinic for the community. At our core is a problem-based learning approach, you’ll be reviewing case histories and working with clients within the first few months of the program. Students will gain consultation skills and learn how to put together wellness plans, including herbal formulas. The clinic is supervised by staff herbalists who review each case and work with students to create effective programs for clients.

Medicine Lab

Through our advanced medicine making lab you will not only understand how to properly prepare a standardized tincture and how blend potent salves, you’ll also learn the intricacies of soxhlet extractors and more. The training is designed to put you out ahead of the rest in the field of medicine making. Students spend a great amount of time working hands-on with plants by learning how to sustainably wild craft and how to create medicines. Through this you will develop a closer relationship with the plant life and the natural world that surrounds us.

Natural Setting

Our school is located just ten minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway in a protected woodland forest. We are working towards clearing existing trails and developing a network of hiking trails. We are also developing woodland gardens, as well as vegetable and herb gardens; and hope to give the students the opportunity to help in the development, and upkeep of these projects. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to identify plants that grow in the area, through plant walks and in class botany lessons.


Of our 500-acre botanical sanctuary, 40 of those are built upon and house the facilities in which we live in and teach. The campgrounds used to be a home for troubled youth and before we inhabited it in March of 2015, it sat empty for 5 years. The grounds have a very summer camp kind of feel and are all a work in progress. Except our lodge which is less than a decade old.

About Thomas

Thomas Easley, RH (AHG), founder and head instructor at ESHM is a clinical herbalist and professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. He is the co-author of  the Modern Herbal Dispensatory and Modern Herbal Medicine, and has a regular column in Plant Healer Magazine. Thomas integrates modern science and traditional Western herbalism into a unified and systematic approach to health and healing. He uses herbs from all over the world, including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, but focuses on the deep and rich tradition of Western herbalism. Thomas emphasizes using foods as primary medicine and uses intensive diets, as well as stress reduction techniques, nutritional supplements, and exercise to help people achieve their health goals. Thomas believes that herbal medicine has the potential to change the world. Thomas’s approach draws on his extensive clinical experience, which spans 15 years of full-time practice and over 15,000 clients.

You can get an idea Thomas’s teaching style here and here.

There will be other ESHM staff teaching classes throughout the program, sharing their unique skills and knowledge with students.

Tuition cost

Email us for cost of tuition as well as lodging options. We have flexible payment plans available.

There is a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in the program and must be submitted to guarantee your placement and lodging.

Lodging costs are separate from tuition and cover lodging and utility charges, but you will be responsible for your own food and transportation.

**We allow pets on camp, but you must reserve a private cabin for them to live here. The lodge is a pet-free zone.

More Information on lodging and local shopping can be found Here.

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