Are you excited for more
herbal medicine making tips?

Until February 9th you can view three videos that are only found in my Plant Medicine Making Course.


Here’s how to watch these videos.

1. Click here   

2. Scroll down a bit on that page and then click on the green button.

3. This brings you to a page where you can register to watch the first three videos for free. Once you register you’ll get immediate access to the videos.

Want to know more? Here’s what’s in them…


Video #1 Solvents (13 minute video)

The strengths and weaknesses of different solvents (alcohol, water, oils, vinegar, etc).

How to choose the best solvent for your herbs. (You don’t need to be a chemist to understand this!)

How your solvent changes the dose of your herbal medicines.

How to get the best deals on alcohol for making tinctures.

When to avoid using tinctures.

What is glycerin and what are the pros of using it?

When would you want to use both glycerin and alcohol?

How adding 5% of vinegar to certain tinctures can help make them stronger.

Why combining different kinds of oils can lead to the most potent herbal oils.



Video #2 Weight to Volume Ratios for Tinctures (6 minute video)

Why you need to weigh your herbs when making tinctures.

Why tasting your final product is so important to understanding potency.

How to determine your dose based on taste.



Video #3 Water Extractions – Infusions and Decoctions (22 minute video)

How can you predict if someone who is taking herbs will get better?

Why making tea is a therapeutic action within itself.

How to increase the potency of the teas you make. (Plus see a variety of really cool tea making tools.)

How long to steep a medicinal tea? (It’s longer than you think!)

How to make a potent brew of chamomile tea (you’ll never look at chamomile the same again once you’ve tried this!)

Why you want to cover your teas while they are steeping.

Why tea balls aren’t great for medicinal strength teas.

Why decoctions are best for hard roots.

What is the best amount of time to simmer a decoction?