Mother Hylde's Herbal

Ruthie Hayes

Photo Origin: Mother Hylde's Herbal FB Page

This week’s shout out goes to Ruthie Hayes and Mother Hylde’s Herbal! We’re so proud of Ruthie we wanted to share her offerings with our community! Ruthie is kind, creative, and passionate about her work. As a practicing herbalist, writer, and massage therapist she has worked hard in developing a variety of skills. Ruthie has a magical way of taking her training in traditional plant medicine along with her knowledge of modern herbal medicine and weaving them all together in the most eloquent of tapestries.

In 2009 Ruthie was inspired to follow the path of the plants after the passing of her Nana, Miriam. This inspiration led her to a year-long foundational course in the Dutch tradition of homestead herbalism with Susan Hess. Upon completion, she began to further her research and studies with material from teachers such as jim mcdonald, 7Song, Matthew Wood, Rosemary Gladstar, Kiva Rose, Sean Donahue, and Richo Cech. Her desire to further her understanding of clinical herbalism led her to the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine’s advanced clinical intensive in the spring of 2016, where she surpassed our expectations as a student. 

These days outside of spending time with her lovely family, Ruthie is immersing herself into the wild ways of the herbalist; formulating one of a kind herbal preparations, seeing clients, writing the most intriguing post about plants and their magic, and creating surprises for the Gathering Boxes. If you would like to learn more about Ruthie and Mother Hylde’s Herbal, please go on over to her website! There are all kinds of stories and goodies waiting for you there including a write up about her experience as a full-time intensive student at ESHM! 

Gathering Boxes!