* An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease.
* Up to 60 percent of these people are unaware of their condition.
* One in eight (probably higher) women will develop a thyroid disorder during her lifetime.
* Up to 10% of women over 60 have clinical or subclinical hypothyroidism.Modern medicine things that synthetic or bioidentical thyroid hormones are the magic bullet that fixes all low thyroid problems, while many natural practitioners think that iodine is the magic bullet.Both are Wrong!

In this series we cover the function and dysfunctions that occur with the thyroid. We will spend copious amounts of time covering the assessment of thyroid problems, differentiating primary from secondary thyroid disorder, and discussing Hashimoto’s, Graves, iodine deficiency, conversion issues, Wilson temperature syndrome and more.

Thomas has seen over 1000 people with hypothyroidism, spent hours with each person, and knows what works clinically, and what’s theoretical garbage.

This module is 3 classes, averaging 2 hours each.

Class dates:

Dec 5th, 12th and 19th, 2016

6:30 EST.

Class cost: $150

All classes are recorded and posted to the online classroom, along with handouts and resources.