The lymphatic system is interconnected to the circulatory system, and is critical to maintaining a health immune system. Going into lymphatic detail we will learn the four functions of the system: the removal and recycling of fluids, transporting pathogens to lymph nodes, storage and maturation of some types of white blood cells, and absorption of glycerol and fatty acids.

In order to understand how to aid someone lymphatically, we will delve into the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system.  Thomas will explain in depth how this system works closely with the cardiovascular system, as well as the immune system. Focusing on organs specialize in circulation, removal, and maturation, including the spleen and thymus. A couple of pathologies that we will learn about in this class are tonsillitis and lymphedema.

These disorders are completely different in nature, one is caused by a viral or bacterial infection and the other is protein filled fluid retention. With both, the lymphatic system is compromised and we will discuss how to improve the health in each case. After understanding the function of the lymphatic system, herbal remedies will be introduced.

Some of the herbs that you will learn about are the amazing alteratives; cleavers, red clover, and violet, among others.  We will learn of the energetics, the preparation, doses, specific indications, and modern uses of each plant. Thomas will also introduce promising formulas for certain lymphatic issues.

This module is 2 classes, averaging 2 hours each.

Class dates:

March 6th and 13th, 2017

6:30 EST.

Class cost: $100